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Middle schoolers prove their textbook wrong

Rob Brown "Destin Middle School is the home of a pretty impressive group of young ladies. After one science teacher found what she thought to be an error in a textbook, the girls set out, via a round of experiments, to prove the publisher wrong. And they did."

Science teacher Dawn Pack challenged the Destin Middle School Gifted Program to prove the book wrong.

Dawn Pack "I sent out a note to all the students letting them know we had a project to work on that would require extra work, after school, coming in to school early. And these ladies all stepped up."

The book said salt and dust rise with evaporating water, and that its weight causes rain. The girls collected rainwater, as well as water from the Gulf of Mexico, Choctawhatchee Bay, and others. After hours of experiments, they proved the book incorrect.

Gracie Chandler "We've been learning from that textbook for forever, and then we found out something was wrong. And we never expected that they'd be wrong or anything."

Gracie Chandler says she hopes this serves as a lesson for others.

Gracie Chandler "We would say, like, look, we proved they were wrong, and they admitted they were wrong, so just watch out for other stuff, because who knows, maybe they messed up something else."

Alesia Ledbetter says it's taught her a life lesson.

Alesia Ledbetter "You're not supposed to always believe what people tell you, because as you can see, sometimes they're wrong. You've got to do it yourself."

Pack said some grown-ups could learn a lesson from the girls.

Dawn Pack "..they were able to come together and make one decision together, which is something that adults have a lot of trouble doing. So it was was quite amazing to watch them work together."

Rob Brown "And their final statement to everyone at home? ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS! At Destin Middle School, Rob Brown, Channel Three News."