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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Controversial coma prank is half joke, half intervention

Friends trick each other all the time but convincing someone they've spent the last decade in a coma is no easy task.

Jeanne Moos has more on the prank with a message.

Who deserves a prank that fools you into believing you're waking up...

"Oh my gosh..."

From a 10-year-long coma.

"My son was 2 years old when you came in here and he's 12 now."

We know only his first name, Dennis.

His friends say he has a long history of driving under the influence.

"He drinks quite a bit. I mean, we could do this bit any given night."

The bit involved turning an office into a hospital room.

And when Dennis passed out from drinking, they say they carried him in under the care of a fake nurse and doctors.

"I know you're confused, a little disoriented."

Dennis was only out for about 3 hours or so. The pranksters say he was still intoxicated when he woke up.

"You was out drinking and you decided drive and there was an accident. This accident took place back in 2013. It's 2023. You've been in a coma the past 10 years."

"Is my daughter all right?"

Who would do something like this?

Tom Mabe is a professional prankster. 

But in this case he says he was worried about his friend's drinking.

So this was half prank, half intervention.

"Try to relax. Watch a little television if you can."

"I have to say it was hard to believe at first. We go through stuff looking at it, and say well is that fake?"

"He was totally hook line and sinker up to the point where you can see in the video he recognizes me. This is 100 percent real."

This is Tom dressed up like a doctor.

"What do you recall?"

"Out drinking. That's all I remember."

And then the doctor.

"Feel that? Feel that?"

Slapped some sense into him...

"You feel that?"

With the doctor's mask off, Dennis recognized Tom.

"5 (bleeping) DUIs not funny, it's not funny. 5 DUI's!"

 "I'm gonna kill you though!"

"He laughed a lot. He laughed a whole, whole lot. He just thought we got "man, you guys got me man, dagon, man you got me.' so I'm not sure that he learned a lesson."

Some posters were mad..."They have turned his addiction into a joke."

But Tom says they're pushing to get Dennis into a program.

After all, a DUI can leave someone else in a real coma.

Though Dennis came out of this one slap happy.

"Dude, you (bleeping) gotta stop that (bleep)."