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Destin bear destroys beehives worth hundreds of dollars

DESTIN  --  DESTIN - A bear feasting on honey may be cute in a children's book. But when the bear is destroying beehives in a Destin backyard, the owner says it's a different story.

Laura Hussey "This is what a proper beehive looks like, it's sitting in Peter Wright's driveway. Each one of these trays inside is called a frame. This is what a frame looks like after a black bear has had its way with it. No more baby bees, no more honey. And apparently this bear is still hungry, because once he hit the driveway, he headed over the fence for the backyard"

He's hungry for honey, but this black bear is no Winnie the Pooh. People in this residential area estimate he weighs 400 pounds.

Peter Wright/Destin "They say that bears won't attack you, I think that's bull. I think any wild animal's capable of doing anything"   

Wright's hives aren't just a hobby.  His daughter sells about 500 gallons of honey a year. At 9:30pm, he found the bear sitting on his back deck, gorging himself.

Peter Wright "So when he stood up like that, I just went "roar"! And up the tree he went. Now he got up, his head was as high as that light right there"

The bear clawed at his back door and ripped off a piece of trim. But the worst damage is to the hives. Wright estimates he could lose eighty percent of them.

Peter Wright "I don't like the fact that a wild animal can come into my backyard and tear up stuff, my daughter's livelihood, tear up my house, and I can't do anything about it"

He's reported his problem to the state, but he's not expecting much help.

Peter Wright "They're going to tell you that you shouldn't have a garden because it attracts bears. You shouldn't have beehives because it attracts bears. You need to put locks on your trash cans because it attracts bears. Well I'm sorry, it's a neighborhood!"

Laura Hussey "Peter Wright isn't sure what will happen next, except for one thing. He says he  expects to see the bear again as soon as it gets dark."