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Health News: How to know if your spoiling your baby

Parenting a new baby is exciting and often confusing. 
So, how do you know if you're spoiling your baby or helping them thrive?

Doctors say there is no need to worry at first.     
But at about six months of age, babies can learn to start to manipulate their parents.
Doctors say, at that point, if you've checked everything and the baby really doesn't need anything, then it's ok to let them cry it out for a little bit. 
But, no two babies are alike and sometimes letting them cry it out isn't the answer.     
"Dr. Jennifer Shu, pediatrician:  In the first few months it's not possible to spoil your baby. If your baby's crying then she really is trying to communicate that she needs something. She may be wet or dirty. She might be cold, hungry or want to be held.  So it's very important to attend to her needs."

Babies can be hard to read, so if you're struggling, ask your pediatrician for help. 
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