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Bi-partisan budget agreement reached on Capitol Hill, heads to Congress

WASHINGTON DC  --  Two lawmakers on Capitol Hill --  a key republican and democrat -- have come up with a bi-partisan budget agreement !

If the deal holds Americans wouldn't have to suffer through another government shutdown for two years and it will undo some of the deep automatic spending cuts under the so-called sequester.
But the big question -- can it get through this congress?
This doesn't happen that often - lawmakers reaching a compromise before the 11th hour!

Rep Paul Ryan  - It makes sure that we don't lurch from crisis to crisis.
Last night bipartisan budget negotiators announced a deal that - if agreed to  - would mean the government would not shutdown for at least two years.

It would eliminate about 65 billion dollars in domestic and defense spending cuts - known as the sequester. And it would not raise taxes.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts it's a modest proposal. There's a reason why this is the first budget agreement in two years.  Partisan bickering has
 bogged down the process.

But it's not a done deal - the house and senate must vote on this agreement and Ryan and Murray have a tough sell to make.

Sen Murray - I'm confident that we won't have 100 percent of the senate or 100 percent of the house.

The deal was greeted with tepid support  and skepticism.
Some republicans don't like the spending increases. Some democrats don't like that it doesn't include an extension of unemployment benefits.

Chris Van Hollen  - My view is that it's a small step in the right direction
In a statement, President Obama said "This agreement doesn't include everything I'd like. But it's a good sign that democrats and republicans in
Congress were able to come together."