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Gulf Breeze considering major makeover of Tiger Point Golf Club

GULF BREEZE - The city of Gulf Breeze is considering paying as much as $3.3 million to turn the Tiger Point Golf Club into a championship course. Supporters say it could become a major attraction.

The city bought the club a year ago with the intention of fixing it up and turning a profit. They've done some renovations since then but some say much more needs to be done.

The west part of the golf course includes nine holes that haven't been used since Hurricane Ivan slammed the area in 2004. It's overgrown with weeds and part of a wooden seawall protecting some of its shores has been washed away.

"It's scrubby lookin' out back there since we moved in," said Norm Whinnery, who lives near the unused part of the club.

He and some of his neighbors say they're hoping it will be restored soon.

"It's gonna improve land value and I'm a golfer," Whinnery said, "I'm excited about it."
The Tiger Point Golf Club is divided into two courses. The course on the west side now has only nine of 18 holes open, while a course on the east side has all of  its 18 holes available. Golfers say the east course is tough and the west course is easier.

"If they did choose to go and renovate the west," said Corey Perreault, a golfer, "I think it'd be a good idea because there's not much water on the west."

Another golfer, Bryan Hill, said, "The west course is definitely easier than the the east course. For the normal golfer and not the low handicapper it makes you feel a little bit better about your game."
So far this year the club's operated at a loss of about $40,000.
A consulting company hired by the city has laid out four options for restoring the nine unused holes, renovating the club and hopefully making more money.
They say the the priciest option, to turn Tiger Point into a championship course, would generate the most revenue. They say the least expensive two options, to turn the west course into a simple three par course or to restore the nine unused holes only, would result in the club operating at a substantial loss for years to come.

The city council will discuss the business plan and each of the proposals at a meeting at 5:30 PM Wednesday.