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New information about the arrest of a Pastor at a Crestview Halfway house

We now have more new information about the arrest of a Pastor at a Crestview Halfway house.

Alex Thompson is the founder of Harvest Vineyard Ministries.
The arrest report released Friday says he is charged with "child neglect without great harm."

Police say Thompson failed to supervise and protect teenagers in his care.
The report says he housed a 16 year old boy in the same area as adult sex offenders.
It also says a teenage girl ran away twice, but the staff did not report it to authorities.
During one of her absences, the girl alleges she was the victim of an assault.
Even though it did not happen at Harvest Vineyard, police say the lack of supervision was a contributing factor.

The investigation is having an unexpected consequence for dozens of people who were staying at Harvest Vineyard.
They are now without a place to live.

"Just over 24 hours ago, upwards of 70 people lived right here in this building. Now the door to Harvest Vineyard Ministries has been taped off. Those people were told to leave, and leave immediately."
It started Thursday morning, when Crestview police served a warrant in a child neglect investigation.
Minister Jeana Gowens was on the third floor when she heard loud knocking. "It was very forceful, very direct, very forceful. And like I said, a lot of us were in total shock."
Crestview police Chief Tony Taylor says from a law enforcement perspective, it was a peaceful search. "It's not like a dynamic entry where doors were kicked in and everybody's yelling and screaming, there was none of that."
Whatever the impact of the search, it was less than what came next.
Fire inspectors found so many life safety violations, they condemned the building.

Zachary Cole says, "You got people that... I'm talking about people.... that you say, you got 3-4 hours to get out."
Authorities say they thought the ministry had arranged housing for everyone in Alabama.
Director Zachary Cole says that wasn't the case. Some people slept on the floor of churches. He says at least one fell back on old habits.
"One of the individuals that's been doing good for the last two and a half years, called me and said he's drunk and doing drugs in a hotel somewhere."
Cole says he's working with other ministries to find help for people. Of their Pastor's arrest, Jeana Gowens says there are always two sides.
"In this case, I believe a very great injustice has been done."

The next step in this investigation is for police to go through all the documents and files and computers they seized from this building. Chief Tony Taylor says that could take a while.