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The "knockout" game becoming a dangerous trend

Police across the country are telling citizens to be aware of a dangerous trend.
It's called the game of "knockout", where attackers literally try to knockout their unsuspecting victims in one blow.

It is being called the game of "knockout" but there is no fun in this game for it's unsuspecting victims.
Groups of primarily young men have been seen attacking people randomly and knocking them to the ground with one blow.

"That's crazy thought, that's crazy.  That's actually, that's what people do in their spare time, like not a hobby but let's actually knock someone out. That's crazy."

The attacks have taken place in different cities with different victims. Last year in Pittsburgh a 50-year-old English teacher was struck and knocked down to the curb.
A 15-year-old was arrested for that attack.

And several attacks have taken place in New York City. The latest was a 78 year old woman in New York  who was punched in the head.
Police made an arrest in that case after flooding the area with additional patrols.

New York activist Minister the Reverend Al Sharpton spoke out against the attacks on his Saturday radio show.

At least two deaths have been linked to the attacks this year. One Psychologist said the attackers may be doing this to impress their friends, then bragging on line about their violent deeds because of the publicity the attacks are getting.

But in a New York City neighborhood near where an attack occurred, this woman described the assailants differently.
"I think they're cowards you are."