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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Dashcam released of Nash Patel incident

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  Dash cam video released from the Escambia County sheriffs office about an incident between deputies and a Pensacola businessman, Nash Patel may shine some light on what lead to Patel and his wife being placed in the back of  patrol car's.
Earlier this month Patel called 9-11 about his sisters house being burglarized.   He said he waited 45-minutes for deputies to arrive.
Once they got on scene deputies said Patel and his wife confronted them.  The deputies felt threatened and detained the couple putting Patel in handcuffs.
"Some of the dashcam video has been redacted by the sheriffs office. Nash Patel and his wife Kandace are not seen in the video but conversations can be heard once Patel was placed in the back of the patrol car."

Officer: "Let me ask you this, what happened when they first got here?" Patel: "Nothing. He had an attitude. I told him, I said no, don't. I told him, I don't have an attitude. I called you because of a ******* call if you got issues, that's between you and your department."
Several times... Patel claims he and his wife did nothing wrong..
Officers appear to remain calm when asking Patel what went wrong.

Officer: "He says your wife put her hands on him." Patel: "She did not, she did not. My brother had her. I saw everything. She didn't even touch him. She was just saying why are you locking him up for?" Officer: "He said you need to stop and she knocked his hand down." Patel: "She did not."
After being placed in the cruiser Patel yells for deputies to open a window.
Patel "You put me in here for an hour. I was suffocating. I'm going to jail. You put me in here for 45 minutes in front of my son. You locked my wife up and for 45 minutes I couldn't breathe. Lock me up, do what you've got to do, I'm yours."
Deputies decided not to arrest Patel and when they tried to release him the first time he refused to go.

Patel:  "I'm not getting out.   I'm going to let you pull me out. You call the sheriff and you tell David Morgan I called him before this happened and you tell him to come bail me out of jail. Sheriff, I'm on my way."

Patel: "Have the guy that put me in here take me to jail. I still respect you. " Officer: "I'm not going to allow him to do that." Patel: "You're in charge and you're going to."
"I spoke to Nash Patel earlier today and he said at this time they are not going further with a law suit against the sheriffs office.  But only time will tell how he and his plan plan to deal with the situation.

No one has been arrested yet in connection with his sister's house being burglarized.