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7th Special Forces Group loses two soldiers in less than a week

OKALOOSA COUNTY   --  The 7th Special Forces Group has sent soldiers to Afghanistan almost continuously since 2002.
The mission that keeps them in harm's way.

Laura Hussey "The 7th Special Forces Group came to Okaloosa County from Fort Bragg North Carolina more than two years ago. Just down that road, more than 1500 soldiers train for a job that is truly at the tip of the spear."
Members of 7th Group specialize in unconventional warfare working with foreign military units, learning their languages and culture.

Tom Moody/US Army, Retired "They assign a team to a village or an Afghan unit.   They're normally way out in the middle of nowhere, on some outpost or some little village, trying to teach that village how to defend themselves." 
Tom Moody's acquaintance with 7th Group started in 1957.
During his three tours as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, he took them in and out of the dangerous territory that is their workplace.
Tom "They're on the defensive all the time, and they don't get any slack when they're out and deployed."
7th Group's primary area of operations is central and South America, but since 9-11, they've been heavily deployed to Afghanistan.
Jim Bryan knows the pain of losing soldiers in combat.
He lost his first troops when he was a nineteen-year-old Sergeant.

Jim Bryan "It's home, it comes home to you when that happens. Every time I see it and hear about it, my heart goes out to the family 'cause I know the loss."

Fighting in 7th Group means long deployments and short breaks.
They take their motto to heart De Opresso Liber to free the oppressed.

Tom Moody/US Army, Retired "Something that the general public probably has forgotten 'cause we don't say much about it any more, is we're still at war. And the people that are in the middle of this ar are our Special Operations groups."

Laura Hussey "Members of 7th Group call themselves the soldiers of the 'Red Empire' and on that empire, the sun never sets. Someone's always gone, someone's always fighting."