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Healthcare website adds to President Obama's low numbers

WASHINGTON  --  A new ABC News Washington Post poll has some grim numbers for President Obama.
By some measures, the lowest point of his presidency.
A majority of Americans disapprove of his job performance and the health care law.
The disastrous rollout of is dragging down President Obama.

A new ABC News Washington Post poll found the president's approval rating has sunk 6 points in the past month - only 42 percent of Americans approve of his job performance.

And the public is quickly souring on Obamacare.
57 percent of Americans now say they oppose the health care law up 8 points in just a month!

Republicans continue to demand action.
Boehner:   This health care law needs to be scrapped now
Americans' pessimism isn't reserved for the president and the health care law.

Seven out of ten Americans now say the country's on the wrong track....up 13 points since May to the highest level in two years.

These dismal numbers come as we learn about more red flags about
According to documents uncovered by congressional committees investigating, the web site's problems senior administration officials knew about potential pitfalls all the way back in March!

A private consulting firm was brought in to determine whether the web site would be ready by October 1. The analysis by McKinsey found there were real problems - and the biggest concern was a lack of time to do end-to-end testing.

Rep. Fred Upton:  How can the public trust a hastily thrown together system in which meeting a deadline was more important than conducting complete end to end testing.

The White House says the goal is to have functioning for 80 percent of users by December 1 - but that still means trouble for many people trying to get coverage.