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Defining Moments in our Life's

Much attention has been given to our 35th President 50 years after he was killed and deservedly so, Kennedy tacked several key issues facing the country at the time.
The JFK assassination changed history and became a defining moment in many people's lives.  Most people you ask know where they were and what they were doing the moment it happened. 

"When JFK was killed, I was in the 3rd grade on the playground, when the principal announced it" said Paul Nobles.

"I would say JFK the assassination.  I remember exactly where I was, I was in school on the playground" said Nancy Dennis.

Since that day, there have been other momentous occasions people still vividly remember.  For John Stinson, it is the Gulf War.

"When I learned Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait I knew with what I was doing at that point in my life, it would definitely impact me" said John Stinson.

Byron Williams remembers the night President Obama was elected in 2008.

"There's so many, I think most recently the election of Barack Obama, that'll be a pretty significant milestone for African Americans" said Byron Williams.

September 11 still lingers in the minds of many people.

"9/11 definitely, it's made a big change in our world" said Marcie Schultz.

"I can remember it was frightening knowing our country might be at war" said Susie Stinson.

Not all defining moments in a person's life involves historic figures or dates.  Everyday a child is born, and someone is married.  In the case of the Shafer and Jacobs family these long lost families reunited for the first time.
"21 years in the making, and they're finally together.  Our boys are finally together.  It's a life changing moment, you have no idea" said Robin Jacobs & Denise Shafer.

Michael met his half-brother and sisters for the first time on his 21st birthday no less.

"We're kind of celebrating our defining moment right now" said Jordan Schafer.

What constitutes a defining moment may vary from person to person, but they often have one thing in common, it changes their outlook on life.
Reporter: Kavontae Smalls