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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Angels in our Midst: Calvary church members helping those in need

The symbols of patriotism surround the grounds at Calvary Way Full Gospel Church in Pensacola.

Inside, a small group of angels assembles every week, patching together their own symbols of thanks from a grateful community.

Sherri ;  "We are the Calvary Way Quilters.  We started the year 2000.
We help missionaries and orphanages and nursing homes, but, veterans, beings a veteran town, community, that was just so close to our heart that we had to start there."

To honor those men and women who serve, the Calvary Way Quilters took on their own mission sewing quilts of valor.  The quilts are carefully designed to recognize each branch of service.   For some of the quilters, there is a personal connection to their efforts, for others, it's a chance to say, "thank you."                                 

"My husband is a 20 year vet.  My dad and my stepfather both served in World War II.  And my son was in the Persian Gulf."

Dell Diamond, Calvary Way Quilter;  "I don't have anyone in my family who's been in the military but I just hope that it would be a blessing to those that have served our country."

 Each  quilter brings her own gifts to the table.
Dell;  "The machine sewing, I can't do but I can do the big stitch sewing and helping press.
Everybody does their part."
Sherri;  "As we're stitching and cutting and sewing, we're praying for that person.  We don't know their name and we don't know their situation, we know God does."

While the designs are different, there is one square that goes on every quilt with the same scripture.

Sherri;  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
To give them encouragement, to give them hope, to give them strength."

The blankets are taken to nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters...
Teen Dunn, Calvary Way Quilter;  "A lot of the veterans don't have people to come and visit them and I would like to see my love shared with others."

 Sherri;  "To let them know someone cares about them; they're not forgotten.  We appreciate their sacrifice; their service.  And to not lose hope."

The blankets are brought to the altar and prayed over before they're given to the veterans.  Most of them, these ladies will never meet.  Aside from personal satisfaction, the quilters say the veterans have already given them their greatest reward.

Sherri;  "As an American, to live in a free country  That, that says it all."
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