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New xBox game system released

The long wait for xBox fans is over.
Microsoft launched its latest video game console at midnight in the US.
Gamers from across Northwest Florida lined up before midnight to get their hands on the console.
Within about 5 minutes this Gamestop released 41 xBox one gaming systems. That's nearly 21,000 dollars collected not including additional games that many purchased.

They came ready to get their game on.
Anthony Mac- Gamer
"I came here at noon o'clock with my buddy. We came up here and got first in line."

It's been a long night for these dedicated gaming fans. Many of them first lined up at 6 Thursday evening to get their numbered tickets.

But the wait came with some comfort  the opportunity to cash in on a staple gaming food.

Pizza Guy
"Hey hot fresh pizza, you cold? You want some pizza? A drink?"
For Anthony Mac being first in line at the Gamestop on Mobile Highway at midnight is a big accomplishment.

Anthony Mac- Gamer
"I've been a poor kid and my mom struggled to stay alive so I'm finally proud to be able to buy something of mine."

For others here, it's about tradition.
Jacob Smith- Gamer
"It's something me and my son has done since 1984. It's a habit now."

There were even others who got dressed up for the occasion.
Karl Ruahl- Gaming Fan
"This act is a very pleasant departure from what I do for a living."

"I'm a crematory operator in a funeral home."
So what's the drawl to gaming system like the xBox one? 

Anthony Mac- Gamer
"You get to play with friends, talk to people, meet people from around the world. I've met people from Germany, England everywhere."

"Alright guys the future of is now. Go home, game on. Have a great night."
And with each stamp  and clutching of a black plastic bag-- these gamers were in a hurry to get out the door. Eager to get the system out of its box and start playing games.

Anthony Mac- Gamer
"Call of Duty: Ghosts."

Jennifer Page- Gamer
"Dead Rising 3."

And as you might imagine no one here plans on just going home, getting into bed tonight and grabbing a few winks.

Anthony Mac- Gamer
"I probably will get to sleep in about a week."

The console starts at $499.99.