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Gulf Breeze Zoo gets ready for the cold

And just like we need to bundle up in the colder months, so do the animals.
The Gulf Breeze Zoo is making sure their animals stay warm tonight.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez shows us what they do.

Here's an example of how some of the animals stay warm.
The zoo keeper is putting some hay here so the animals can bundle up.
For goats, like Franklin here, they are bracing themselves for a very cold night.

It's windy, gloomy, and quite chilly before closing time at the Gulf Breeze Zoo.
The zoo keepers were kept busy making sure all the animals had a warm place to sleep.

"After everyone closes up, I make my rounds and make sure everything is completely down and nice and warm and cozy for everyone."

Some animals, like Duncan here, a Scottish highland cow, enjoy the cold.
Others, like the always recognizable toucan , prefer the sunshine.
Zoo keepers placed hay in some habitats, allowing some little critters to snuggle up together.
And in other enclosures they placed heating lamps.

"The more tropical animals get heat and wind block provided pretty early on in the winter."

Since every animal is different, it's important to meet their specific needs.
Like the tigers, they don't need any warmth, but others, like the squirrel monkeys, do.
After a while, the animals will adapt to the Florida climate.
And it's not just the temperature zoo keepers worry about, but what it'll actually feel like outside

"Because of our humidity levels here. Humidity tends to generally make it feel a little cooler outside."  

And just like some animals have a low tolerance for the cold, others have a low tolerance for the heat. zoo keepers are constantly making adjustments due to the weather.
In the hot summer months, they'll give the animals iced water and fans to help them cool off.
Reporting at the Gulf Breeze Zoo, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.