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Top 10 crazy jobs

Escambia County - We've all had crazy days at work, but do some professions attract a certain types of personalities?
A new list from the website "Barking Up The Wrong Tree" gave the top 10 professions people who are less sane are attracted to.
At some point in time we all think our jobs drive us a little crazy, but apparently there are some professions that are more attractive to the insane.
"24 years in a correctional facility that will make you loose you sanity," said Gary Frazier.
Gary Frazier just retired from law enforcement. His profession is number seven on the list and he couldn't agree more.    
"Five years of life expectancy after retirement yeah definitely," said Frazier.
Theresa Ross is a nurse and agrees her job is hectic but does it fall on the list?
"Do you think your profession should be on that list? Oh it could be definitely yes," said Ross.
It actually falls on the other side of the spectrum more sane people are attracted to this job. But, it takes a special person to be a surgeon that's why they're number 5.
Another job many people thought should be on the list wasn't.
"Teacher came to mind," said Erik Finch.
Former teacher Phil Cook couldn't disagree more.
 "Do you think your profession should be on the list. No, no, not at all it was a great job," said Phil Cook.
Hair stylist also were not on the list and many say for good reason.
 "As far as therapy we talk to people all day, so it's kind of like I have my therapy talking to clients too...not to stressful," said Sarah Tucker.
But, other professions like media  and journalist fell at number three and six.
"So, Jared what do you think about our profession being number three and six on the list? Junk, junk, junk, and more junk... that's what I think. Thanks."
Sales person, clergy person , chef and civil servant also rounded out the top ten.. but what was number one?
"What if I told you its a CEO? Really interesting well it is a lot pressure. It would be insane to have to do that for a living," said Bob Sanders.
"You'd have to be very insane and have no compassion," said Finch.