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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Air Force member arrested for prowling and loitering in Okaloosa Co

Fort Walton Beach - Some people in an Okaloosa County neighborhood say their privacy was violated after  witnessing an alleged peeping tom lurking outside their homes.
Police say they arrested James Etter after he was peeking through windows on Park Circle in Fort Walton Beach .

Imagine you're in your own home just hanging out when you look out your window and you see somebody looking back at you.
That's exactly what happened to one man who lived in the Ft. Walton Beach complex.
He asked, "Can I help you". Then called 9-11 and chased the peeping tom about a block before catching him.
Police caught up and arrested 25 year old James Etter.
 "That's really amazing that he did that," said Nina Grosselin   
Etter admitted to looking in the mans window. When asked  why he did it? Etter told police, "I want to see what goes on in other peoples worlds".
Many people say they recognized Etter. That he was in their neighborhood often.

 "Everybody just thought he was visiting."
Etter also told police "I get depressed and go on walks and get curious".
Walking around the building many people pointed out smudges on their windows from Etter looking in their homes.
"It makes you nervous about your safety that there are people who feel entitled to do that sort of thing."
Etter is a member of the US Air Force at Hurlburt Field.
He told police he chose homes by looking for dim lights inside.
He also told police on several occasions he'd watch women then would go home and masturbate.
 "To know he's military is very disturbing."
 "We're going to put in an alarm system," said Grosselin.
Many people in the neighborhood have now hung curtains to cover their windows..
But, say they will always be concerned about their privacy being invaded.
 "I'd really like to feel like I could have my windows open and be able to sleep soundly at night, but I know better then that."

 James Etter was charged with prowling and loitering.