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Helping people understand the Affordable Care Act

An estimated 3.8 million Floridians are without health insurance.  The Affordable Care Act went into effect October 1st.  

People now have the option to choose from a variety of health insurance plans.  Those without health insurance risk being fined by the federal government.  The sign up process can be a little confusing; fortunately some local organizations can help.

Stacy Ray is manager of the Navigator program at Families Count, a non-profit organization that covers the Florida panhandle.  Her job is simple, help people understand the Affordable Care Act, and the enrollment process to sign up for health insurance.

"We want to make sure people don't get discouraged because the first week is always the hardest week because everyone is interested, looking there, wanting to see what options they have" said Stacy Ray, Navigator Program.

Stacy admits, the first week has been hectic.  The government website, has had a few glitches since launching on October 1st.  
Stacy's also been flooded with phone calls from concerned residents on how the new health insurance exchanges may affect them.

"We've received over a hundred phone calls in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties alone from people seeking interest on how they apply, what benefits are offered, what locations can they get assistance at" said Ray.

For Stacy, it's not about politics, to her it's about getting out the facts so when December 15 enrollment deadline rolls around, people who need health coverage the most, will have it.

"A gentleman said to me on the phone yesterday, I've never been eligible for private health insurance, and now I am so he was really excited to come in on Friday to do his application" said Ray.

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