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NAS Pensacola / Escambia Co conduct Mass Casualty Drill

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  NAS Pensacola teamed up with Escambia County to conduct a mass casualty drill on the base.

Here's the hypothetical situation.  2 F/A-18's collide during the annual November air show.  One of the planes lands in the middle of the crowd of thousands.  Chaos ensues...

Commander Dave Jasso is the Event Director.  He says, "While this scenario is extremely unlikely, were it to occur it would be extremely catastrophic.  So we hope it never happens but we're preparing for it just in case it does."

Emergency services of N-A-S Pensacola would take the lead in a situation like this.  But they would need help.  So Escambia County emergency personnel would also respond. 

Communications between agencies would be the key to effective treatment.  The techniques, tactics and procedures they use are largely the same.  The terminology is different.

"We are here supporting them," says John Dosh, Emergency Manager for Escambia County.  "Certainly we're providing emergency medical service, we're providing fire and rescue out here, as well as the sheriff's department is out here as well helping with security and we're all working together to try to provide for whatever the incident we're dealing with."

Every year before the air show, a mass casualty situation is discussed and planned for in a meeting room, but no air show this year gave first responders the chance to gather together and act it out.

Today was just a rehearsal.  But this practice could mean the difference between life and death if the real thing were to occur. 

Reporting aboard N-A-S Pensacola, Jim Carmack, Channel 3 News.