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Government shutdown shows small signs of optimism

WASHINGTON   --  The government has been closed for nearly two weeks now. 
As this week comes to an end -- there are signs for optimism.  President Obama is hosting lawmakers in groups by party -- in hopes of getting a breakthrough.
Day 11 of the government shutdown began with no sign of the progress that many had hoped for after President Obama and top House Republicans reported that they had an encouraging meeting at the White House.

Rep. Foxx R- NC Let's talk about making our tax code fairer and more competitive.

Pallone D-NJ They are keeping the government closed as hostage because they want to negotiate. I don't even know about what anymore.

HOUSE Republicans went to yesterday's White House meeting with an offer to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, postponing the threat of a government
default for six weeks, leaving more time for negotiations about how to end the shutdown.

Cantor We had a very useful meeting. It was clarifying I think for both sides as to where we are

President Obama has not accepted or rejected the House Republican proposal. Senate Republicans are at the White House for more talks today but the president and Congressional Democrats have made clear that they will not negotiate until the government is reopened.

Carney Our position is clear. They ought to turn on the lights. They ought to pay our bills.

Any movement today is likely to happen behind the scenes, if at all.
 Dowd The way I look at it, It's like two people have been in a boat and the boat's filling with water. They haven't started bailing water, let along fixing holes in the boat.

As this battle plays out, Washington is hosting a gathering of leaders from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank who have expressed
concern about damage to the global economy, should the impasse continue.