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One survivor's story after Vibrio Vulnificus

OKALOOSA COUNTY   --  Two people in Northwest Florida have died from the flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio Vulnificus this year.

One in Okaloosa County and one in Santa Rosa County.
One person has also been infected in Escambia County.
Of the 32 confirmed cases of bacterial infection in Florida this year, ten people have died.
One Northwest Florida man was infected with the bacteria back in 2005.
People infected with Vibrio Vulnificus, or the flesh eating bacteria, probably got it from eating contaminated seafood or from an open wound while swimming in seawater or brakish water.
The infection can be fatal; but for those that do survive, life may never be the same again,

"It's like you're not a person anymore. You're something else."
That's how Grady Babb felt after losing both of his hands, both his feet and part of his nose.
In 2005, Babb was infected by Vibrio Vulnificus.
"I started feelin' really bad."
"My hands were turning purple and they were numb."

He didn't know what was wrong and at first, doctors didn't either.
"When I went into the hospital to figure out what I had and how to treat it and they didn't know."
The bacteria began taking over and doctors almost gave up.
"My hands and feet were black from being dead."

"I had two days to live."
But Babb had much more than that.
Nearly 10 years later, he does a lot of the things he did before.
"It's a readjustment, but you just learn to do things differently."

I've learned to adapt. I don't use prosthetics. I've got a little thing I've got to eat with."

And while  his life will never be the same,  'I admit, there are things I cannot do."

His positive attitude and love of life will be.
"I've made the best of it and that's what you've got to do."

"I've always been a survivor"
Babb also said he hopes medical advancements and research will help others become survivors, too.
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