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Local residents prepare for Tropical Storm Karen

INNERARITY POINT   --  You can already see people taking their boats out of the water, and towing them to safe ground in advance of the storm.
Others are removing the loose stuff from their yards so they won't blow around in the high winds expected this weekend.

Some are taking the wait and see approach while others are going all out to make sure they're prepared. A few of the marinas around Innerarity Point have already started taking action.

Crew members at the Lost Key Marina and Yacht Club in Grande Lagoon were busy plucking boats from the water putting them away in their warehouse.

"It's called a, nickname is a 'boatel,'" said Wes Durham, the marina's dockmaster, "'Cause it's a motel for boats."

Durham says the larger boats are being taken to inland marinas. All the vessels should be cleared out by Friday evening.

"In a named storm they have to get out of harm's way or their insurance will be denied," Durham said.

Down the road a ways, Leon Irby Jr. showed us the boards and storm shutters he's prepared to put up on the windows of his dad's house, though he's still watching to see what Karen does over the next 24 hours.

"It's always a major concern," Irby said, "'Cause during Ivan this house got pretty destroyed."

At Innerarity Hardware, business was picking up, with people grabbing propane, lamp oil, rope and other supplies.

Joe Flynn, a customer, said, "[I'm] gettin' ahead of the game in case this storm comes and you know, try to be prepared. When the power starts to go out and the threat of landfall or anything that's when everybody does a rush on the store."

Justin Miller, the store's owner, said, "In preparation for the storm, Ace will send us a special storm-related truck tomorrow morning with gas cans, propane tanks, sandbags, rope, anything that our customers need to be prepared."

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