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Texting while driving becomes illegal today in Florida

FLORIDA  --  As of today, texting while driving is illegal in the state of Florida.

What the law means for motorists.

Florida is the 41st state to prohibit texting while driving.
But unlike the majority of those states, the law is a secondary offense.

That means an officer will first have to witness another offense, like swerving or running a stop sign, to ticket the texter.

However it's ok to text if you're stopped at a red light or if you have a talk-to-text device like the iPhone's Siri.

Most drivers say the law has been a long time coming.
Terry Skains- Driver
"I think it's a very good think. It's a hazard. It's worse than driving drunk so I fully support it."

Grove Rivers- Driver
"It might be a little hard to enforce it. You can't just pass next to someone and see whether they are texting and driving."

The penalties are $30 plus court costs for a first offense.