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The Mayor gives his State of the City Address

Mayor Ashton Hayward gave his State of the City Address at the Saenger Theatre tonight.

Mayor Hayward spoke about the accomplishments Pensacola has seen this past year, and also Mayor Ashton Hayward stood on this stage at the Saenger Theatre and talked about his number one priority, economic development.
And not just for the east side of town.. but now he wants move out west.

Let's face it, Downtown Pensacola isn't what it used to be.

Deborah Dunlap
"When I would walk my dog at night I would look behind me, but not anymore... because there are always people down here."

Deborah Dunlap can sit back and relax at night.
She owns several buildings downtown and has seen this area evolve over the years..
Now she's hoping the westside of town can start looking more like this

"The revitalization from A Street westward to Brownsville would be the best that ever happened to Downtown Pensacola."

Mayor Hayward talked about bringing the westside to life.
He wants to create landscapes, add more sidewalks, and fix rundown buildings.
He says this area has a lot of history.. but it's also one of the poorest areas of town.

"In order for a community to be successful, you cannot ignore those people."

To kick off the revitalization, in two months there'll be two new community centers: The Woodland Heights and Legion Field.
Jasmine Brown likes the Mayor's ideas.
She wants to see more parks, and fewer rundown buildings.

"Everything looks the same... nothing new."

The Mayor says in an attempt to get more people engaged in the city, a new website will launch next month.
On that website you'll see a scorecard you can fill out and rate the Mayor's performance.
Reporting in the studio, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.