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Thousands of federal workers furloughed and parks, museums and monuments closed

It's unclear how long the shutdown will last.
But for now thousands of federal workers deemed non-essential are home today without pay.

Thousands of Federal Aviation Administration safety inspectors were furloughed.
And national parks, like the Statue of Liberty and Gulf Islands National Seashore , have been closed to visitors.

Lincoln Memorial
They are the signs..
Of unwanted, unpaid days off

Jody Ramsey, Environmental Protection Authority Employee:
"It's unfair we work hard."

Jan Goodwin, Federal Worker:
"I don't know how long I'll be  not working and I just feel like Congress isn't doing its job."

Of closed national parks - cutting camping trips short
"I think it stinks."

And of -long-awaited vacations ruined.
Megan Ross, Tourist
"I had tears I was crying while I was on the boat cause we just got to drive past we didn't get to stop and experience it."

Megan Ross came to New York City - hoping to make it to the Statue of Liberty's crown.
Instead, she's heading home to Seattle - with souvenirs of the shutdown:

Megan Ross/TOURIST
"I'm going to post a couple of  pictures and say I didn't get to climb this because of the government thanks so much."

If this was the trip of a lifetime for her - then there's no calculating what this meant for these vets traveling to the World War II Memorial some,  for the first time.

Despite this being one of the hundreds of national sites now closed they - managed to briefly make their way in -- but for the other vets who've traveled from all over the country this shutdown means the memorials

The silent moments of reflection will now have to be taken in from behind the barricades.

Marci Gonzalez on cam close:
"Now - a lot of people have their fingers crossed- as republicans say the House will vote today on legislation to reopen *portions of the government -
 including national parks.