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Chemical weapons team awarded Nobel Peace prize

DAMASCUS --  The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a group of unsung heroes -- men and women -- part of "The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons" --  a chemical weapons watchdog.
They are on the ground on a high stakes mission to destroy Syrian president Assads stockpile of chemical weapons.
Hunkered down in a Damascus hotel room, the chemical-weapons team in Syria gets a congratulatory message from their headquarters in the Netherlands.
An extraordinary day for an extraordinary group of professionals who call themselves, "The Chemical Brothers."
Julian Tangaere, team leader said, Did I mention it doesn't come with any extra pay?"
Today, the Nobel committee emphasized that this peace prize is being awarded for all 15 years of this group's work--in Libya, in Iraq, in India and in other countries--destroying more than 80 percent of the world's chemical-weapons stockpile since it was founded in 1997.
But their task here in Syria is staggering: Identify, locate, remove and destroy more than 1000 tons of chemical weapons and equipment--in a few months--in the middle of a civil war.
We went to the front lines of the battle for Damascus, where Syrian government snipers peer down their AK-47s and trade fire with rebels a few yards away.
Abu Salim said, "They tell us that we cannot  go across the street they are nearly 50 meters."
"So they're shooting down this street."
"Yes look at here." (tm at sniper hole) yes yes this one also--bang!"
"So you're just exchanging fire here-bang."
"They shoot, you shoot."
So these inspectors must carry out the work of peace in a land where savage war rages on...With no end in sight.