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New developments in fight over management of the Navarre Pier

Fight over who will manage the Navarre Beach pier.

A lawsuit and an appeal filed because applicants disagree on the way Santa Rosa County awarded the bid.

The county may just say "no one wins," and start all over.
Santa Rosa County has been in some hot water after how they chose who would manage the Navarre Beach Pier.

One way they are talking about fixing this is by starting from scratch.

Fish aren't the only things getting caught on the Navarre pier. County politics are also getting caught in the mix. Last month, the board ranked Pasco Gibson and Yolanda Wells as the top choice for managing the pier, and started negotiating a contract.

However the current manager of the pier, Dorothy Slye, appealed that decision, she says the system is flawed because three of the commissioners ranked her first, but she still came in second due to the ranking system.

"To get three winning votes, and then be told oh no the other commissioners were able to vote you low enough to get you out of the running, that's not fair."

Gibson and Wells then filed a lawsuit against the County Commission to stop a re-vote.

"We were awarded the contract by same system that's been used for past 20 years for every contract they have awarded, but apparently that isn't good enough for this particular one."

Monday, a motion was proposed to start the process all over to make it fair for everyone. They will ask for new proposals and vote using a new ranking system. The current winners of the bid say they won fair and square, and that will only lead to more problems.

"I think that's going to lead to more flaws in the system, it was a sealed bid, now everybody knows what plan are...Commissioners stated what they liked and didn't so you can take a little bit of everybody's now and make your own up, plus inviting more applicants..."

However, Slye says it shouldn't matter, even with a re-vote, whoever has the best plan will win.

"As long as you feel its a fair vote, you aren't going to be upset and bring lawsuits ....its when you feel you are cheated..."

The county is expected to vote on the motion on Thursday. On Navarre Beach, Christina Leavenworth, Channel 3 News.