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Pensacola ghost stories

PENSACOLA   --  Pensacola is the country's oldest settlement.
The deep rooted history here in the City of Five Flags also leads to stories of spirits.

St. Michael's cemetery is a large cemetery that was started when Pensacola was settled.
This cemetery is the resting place of many famous people and people that helped to shape Florida in history, politics, and commerce.

People say they have seen lights circling gravestones. They have also heard voices coming from inside the cemetery at night Seville Quarter is the location of a tragic incident that happened in the late 80's.

Employees who work at the bar now say there was a man named Wesley who would visit the bar at Seville Quarter frequently. He would visit so much, that he was offered a bar-tending job there.

He worked there for a while and everyone loved him until one night he walked into the back cooler. It was there Wesley was found dead. He had suffered from some type of heart related illness.

Wesley's picture is now featured on one of the walls in the bar. He is notorious for turning the lights and music off and on.  But that's not the only spirit floating through the halls of the once, upscale brothel.

Nancy Rodiguez- Office Assistant
"It was about 7 at night, not dark outside yet. We still had sunlight. I thought I had felt the air conditioning come on. It felt cool all of a sudden. I thought maybe one of my Krewe members had come up.

When I turned and looked I saw this woman who looked like Jane Semore from Somewhere in Time. When I noticed I could then see myself in the mirror, she was gone."

Also, the Dorr House located on South Adams Street is a place that visitors report a lot of activity.

Guests often smell fresh cut roses.
They were Mrs. Dorr's favorite flower. The smell is almost always followed by an extremely cold spot that suddenly surrounds the visitors.

Right across the street and through Seville Square, is a light gray colored house.
The ghost of a Sea Captain named Thomas Moristo, who lived there in the 1700's, is believed to still reside there.

The house was once damaged in a bad fire, and it is believed the ghost takes measures to help prevent another fire.

The house is now home to the Heffernan Holland Morgan Architectural Firm.

Take a listen to one of the experiences the owner of the firm had with Old Captain Thomas Moristo.

Scott Holland, Architect: "We did have a real strange thing that happened during the Greater Gulf Arts Festival. This guy had a photo and said he had taking pictures of the upstairs windows. In the picture there is a guy. It was a ghost like image. He was dressed in 1800 garb."

There are several other places in the area that are considered haunted.   The lighthouse, the old Sacred Heart Hospital and Fort Pickens