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Americans rally for and against Syria action

The war of words over a proposed military strike against Syria is playing out across America.

At the same time -- a new video surfaced showing the horrors of a nerve gas attack on civilians. We must warn some of the images may be disturbing.

"What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now."

From Texas, to Atlanta, from the east coast to the west coast, Americans rallied to stop a military strike against Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people.

 "Hands off syria, I believe it is just up to the Syrian people to decide whatever they want," said Syrian Ghada Housen in Austin.

At the same time, Catholics at the Vatican and around the world in places like Raleigh, North Carolina answered a call from Pope Francis to pray for peace in Syria.

"Pope Francis asked not only Catholics but people, fellow Christians, people of all religious traditions, people of good will to come together in prayer and fasting for world peace at a very critical time in our lives," said Bishop Michael Burbridge in Raleigh.

But others are supporting targeted military action, like here in Louisville,
 Kentucky, saying the U.S. Should punish the Syrian regime for using nerve gas against innocent people.

New images of the alleged aftermath of the gruesome August 21st chemical attack are being shown in classified briefings on Capitol Hill, in a push to convince a skeptical congress to authorize an attack on Syria.

And President Obama, just back from a trip to Russia, where he failed to
Convince G-20 summit leaders of his action, will address the nation on
Tuesday, to convince Americans and their elected representatives that a
limited war against Syria is necessary.

"We are the United States of America. We cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we've seen out of Syria," Obama said.

Congress may not vote on the matter until after next week.