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HEALTH NEWS: Mail order medications

How safe are those mail order medications?
Experts tell us what you need to know -about drugs purchased on line and know how to protect your health.

Medical Edge/Mail Order Medicine
 As a pharmacist Desmond Waters says he used to get asked quite often when he worked the front lines about medications picked up here --versus those  you order through the dozen's of web sites on line.

Desmond Waters/Pharmacy
Was it safe, is it okay to use, is it  a good way to save money?
Now as a pharmacy hospital administrator - we decided he was the perfect go to guy - as we ask experts about prescription purchases -- * you ask us to ask the experts about --

This weeks question comes from a viewer who wanted to know about mail order medication, she said when she gets her medications in the mail, they don't look the same as when she gets them at the pharmacy so she wanted to know, are they safe to take, and how do you know if they are the real thing? 

In short Waters says  --  you *don't know if they are safe to take -- or the real thing --unless you know where they came from --
Anything that you purchase that is not from a licensed retail US pharmacy, pharmacy outlet or hospital is not actually regulated by the FDA

He says that means when it comes to your medicine
Some are actually the product, some are not

And some are actually the proper doses he says --and some are not --
 You could actually end up doing more harm than good if you get a drug that is not potent enough

Since most often you order on line to reduce cost -- he suggests instead -- if you get a new drug, talk with your physician make sure that's the right drug, make sure that there isn't a less expensive medication you could use, and if there isn't  then ask the physician does he have any vouchers, does he have any assistance, If he doesn't take it to the pharmacy and ask the same question, surprisingly enough , most, if not all have some sort of assistance, based on need.
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