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Electronic devices on takeoff rules may change

Using portable electronic devices during a flight is against the rules.
But the ban may soon ease up.

Anytime you get on a plane, there are a lot of rules. One of them, turn off your electronics - but that one might be about to change.

The New York Times reports the FAA is reviewing their policy about turning off electronics during take-off and landing.
Right now, you have to turn everything off until you're above 10-thousand feet.
That's because over the years, airlines and pilots have reported problems they think may have been caused by electronic devices.
But regulators have never been able to prove electronic devices caused any interference or malfunctions in the cockpit.
And while a lot of passengers don't or 'forget' to turn them off, everyone we spoke to say, leave it alone.

"I feel safer with them off. They mess with the planes electrical system."
"I feel safer turning them off, that way there are no complications."

"I don't know what it could possibly do, so I feel safer with them off."
The FAA Advisory Panel is meeting this week to review the policy.
If they do make changes, you'll be able to leave on your devices to listen to music, watch movies or read books you've already downloaded to your tablet, phone or e-reader.
But you still won't be able to text, make calls or use wi-fi.
The New York Times reports their FAA sources say if those police changes are approved, you'll probably see them early next year.