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Shutdown impact on Okaloosa County

If lawmakers' are unable to come to an agreement 800,000 non essential federal workers will stay home without pay.
And as many as 400,000 Department of Defense workers could be furloughed in the event of a shutdown.
The impact for those civilians as well as military contractors, and active duty troops.
Laura Hussey "About sixty percent of the economy here in Okaloosa County is related to the military. So the prospect of thousands of defense workers being sent home tomorrow morning creates uncertainty on base and off."
There are more than five thousand defense workers at Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field alone.
Only those classified as essential will keep working in the event of a shutdown.
Food Salesman David Griffin thinks places like the Blue Collar Cafe would be affected quickly.

David Griffin "This area depends on the military tremendously, especially the food service part of this area, all these restaurants, mom and pops, chains as well. So it would certainly affect us in a negative way" 
When government shut down in the nineties, furloughed workers got back pay.
But that's not guaranteed.
As for service members, the house has passed a measure to keep paying active and reserve troops, but it still has to go to the senate.
Jonathan Maney "We've heard this song before, we've been down this path, we know how it's going to end"
At the passionate patriot t-shirt shop, owner jonathan Maney thinks everyone affected will get back pay.
He's tired of the political posturing.

Jonathan "I think it's more of Kabuki theater. It's all pretend, it's all for show, it's all for the cameras"
Military contractors could have some immediate impacts.

Dave Andrews of the National Defense Industrial Association says government employees' inability to travel could stall planning and cause expensive testing delays.

Laura Hussey "If there is a shutdown and if it lasts until late October, the government says payments to more than three million combat wounded veterans could be in question."