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Congress to convene today to discuss Syria

Despite some lawmakers returning last week, congress isn't convening until today.

This week starts with a major push on the white house's proposal, as the full congress returns to Washington from a month-long recess.

Secretary of State John Kerry will also be heading back to lead an intelligence briefing in the house -- once again making the case for military intervention in Syria.

Over the weekend, Kerry met with members of the Arab league...

"We are not seeking to become engaged in or party to or take over Syria's civil war."

...he says Saudi Arabia will support military intervention in Syria.

"They have supported the strike, and they support taking action. They believe it's very important to do that."

President Barack Obama left the white house to join a Sunday dinner at the naval observatory, where republican senators joined vice president Joe Biden at his home to talk about Syria.

As the Obama administration conducts its full-court press on world leaders and on lawmakers in Washington, the president will appeal to the nation in a speech, Tuesday night; he's previewing that in a series of interviews today.

Last week, a senate committee passed a re-written version of the president's proposal. Debate on that starts on Tuesday.

As for the house, republican leaders have said they won't act on the white house proposal until after the senate does. It's still unclear whether they'll vote on the senate language or take the opportunity to write their own.