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Florida was first state to fight Obamacare and continues today

Florida was the first state to fight the Affordable Care Act, and continues to throw up roadblocks today.
As Matt Horn reports Florida lawmakers took their argument to Washington explaining why they think it should or should not be implemented.

Two Florida lawmakers are in Washington making a valiant argument on the hotly contested Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

SES: "I'm here to tell you the State of Florida is punishing people to get access to health care."

RMH: "I'm positive the citizens of Florida want representatives to make decisions instead of a 'trust me.'"

This past legislative session Senate Republicans and Democrats worked to allow Federal dollars to fund healthcare expansion in the state. More than one million Floridians could be eligible but state house leaders fought the plan.

RMH: "Florida made the right decision in blocking state exchange."

Starting October 1st, federal law will allow Floridians without health insurance to shop for coverage more than two-dozen navigators have been deployed across the state to educate the uninsured - and help them register for coverage.

Matt: "It's being argued the state is making it difficult for navigators to serve the uninsured - the Department of Health sent a letter saying federal navigators are not allowed to conduct activities on the ground of the health departments."

KW:  "You want to have assistance available at the places where people who are uninsured go to get their healthcare."

Although Florida continues to fight - lawmakers say they will continue pushing for more coverage.

SES: "We must find a way to put aside Florida's differences and move forward with the ACA."

Despite the state ban on using state facilities. Several counties are helping navigators because they are obligated to help under federal grants they received.

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