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Relatives of troops react to possibility of strike against Syria

A new poll shows Americans don't want the U.S. to strike Syria, but they could support limited action if American lives are not at risk.

A survey from NBC shows 50 percent of Americans support a mission limited to using cruise missiles fired from ships against military chemical weapons installations. Forty percent oppose such action.

For many people on the Gulf Coast, the question of whether the U.S. military should intervene overseas is personal.

Troylinn and Kevin Brown, who are visiting Pensacola from New Orleans, say their son is currently serving in the Air National Guard. They oppose U.S. military action against Syria.

"It's costly," Troylinn said, "We've already lost a lot of other lives in other different wars."

Kevin said, "It's something that needs to be handled by the world as a whole as opposed to us taking it on by ourselves."
President Obama has had a tough time rallying allies to support a strike against Syria, with only France firmly on board among major military powers.

Earl Dennis, of Pensacola, said, "I done lost a half-brother so, I don't think it's worth it."

Dennis says his half-brother died in Afghanistan and he has other relatives still serving in that war-torn country.

"It was basically like a Vietnam," Dennis said, "I mean, I wasn't around for Vietnam but I've had some uncles die over there, too, for no reason so I don't agree with it."

Doctor Aref Rifai knows all too well what it's like to see loved-ones put at risk. The Syrian-born doctor practices opthamology in Pensacola. He's taken three trips to his home country to treat victims of its two-and-a-half year civil war.

Rifai said, "As an American I would look at this that you should not allow countries to use chemical weapons on their civilian population with impunity. It would send the wrong message to all of the bad actors in the rest of the world."
A decision on a possible strike is more than a week away. Lawmakers in Washington are set to return from their summer break on September 9.