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Family pet accidentally euthanized

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- A family pet mistakenly euthanized just hours before it was scheduled to be picked up by its owners.

The Escambia County Animal Shelter says an error lead to the mishap.
As you can imagine, the dog's owners are very upset and saddened to know Escambia County Animal Shelter could make such a tragic mistake that cost them the life of their beloved family member.
Brittany Meade, dogs co-owner said, This was such a careless thing that caused the death of our dog."

Brittany Meade and her roommate Danielle have cared for their 3-year-old Labrador retriever since she was a puppy. They never would have imagined their beloved dog would lose her life on account of a clerical error. Last week Cowgirl escaped her enclosure, and was later picked up by animal control.

While in the county's care, the information on Cowgirl's kennel wasn't filled out completely.

Brittany said, "The person did not look on the other side of the paper that saw all of our contact information and they would have known she had an owner and that we were coming to pick her up on Saturday."

So instead of putting Cowgirl away until her owners claimed her she was placed with a group of dogs scheduled to be euthanized.

Many pet owners say, they couldn't imagine losing their pooch like this.
Summer Hual dog owner said, "I would probably sue them honestly."
Danielle Nowling dog owner said, "I can't even imagine, especially in today's world, pets aren't just pets, they're a part of the family."
An Animal Services spokesperson says they're reviewing their procedures after the incident.
Marilyn Wesley from Escambia Co. Community Affairs said, "Every animal in the shelter will have many eyes look at the cards to ensure all the information is there and the flow is there."

Brittany and her roommate were offered a new dog, but they say replacing Cowgirl won't be that easy.

Brittany said, "We want to make sure this will indefinitely change the policy and this doesn't happen to anybody else."

Escambia County Animal Shelter says they're working on new policies to prevent another tragic accident like this one in the future.