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Town Hall: Florida Education Reform

FLORIDA  --  Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is a pioneer of education reform. 
Through two foundations he runs, he's a national voice on education.
He says there are still many flaws  that need to be corrected.

Education means opportunity. it is perhaps the greatest tool one can have to find success in life. however, various studies show , US students have fallen behind their counterparts around the world, despite spending almost more than anyone.

"We spend more per student than any country in the world other than Luxembourg apparently"
Jeb Bush is looking to change the direction of American education, through his two foundations The Foundation of Excellence in Education and Foundation for Florida's Future
"We work all around the country on broadbased education reform so the achievement gap narrows and our kids are college and career ready by the time they finish their high school experience"

He says the issues are many, including a one-size fits all approach, that's doesn't work for  students with different interests and talents.

"We have a homogenized  system of learning right now we somehow believe teachers given this massive diversity that exists among students  can teach the same way to the same kids its near impossible"
"I'm trying charter schools "
Priscilla Morales is a parent of three children in elementary school. She has an eye on the future and doesn't see public school as part of the equation

"Public schools I think there classes are too big and I don't think they get a lot of 1 on 1"

One day her kids might go to college. According to (logo) Bloomberg the cost of higher education has surged more than 500 % since 1985. Students are taking on tens-of-thousands of dollars of  debt that totals nearly  $1 trillion dollars. that's more than this country's credit card debt.  Many students face decades of loan payments that cripple their ability to climb the economic ladder. Bush say's there is one was to fix it.

"If you move to a student centered system a lot of things universities do and cost structure that exists would probably diminish and you would have  more focus on the classrooms"

Florida will be our focus tomorrow. Has florida led the way in fixing education across the country.  Some say yes, others no  live in the newsroom,

Join us this Thursday night for a discussion on Florida education.
We will be live streaming the "Town Hall" on our website from 6:30 pm until 8 pm.

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