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Threat of US and allies action against Syria increasing

SYRIA   --  (ABC)  The threat of the U.S. and its allies taking military action against Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons appears to be increasing.

UN investigators are working to confirm evidence of the attack.
Meanwhile the U.S. and several key allies are planning a retaliatory response.

The U.S. is moving closer to taking military action in Syria.
Potential targets have been identified and in an interview with the BBC,

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the military is "ready to go."
We have moved assets in place to be able to fulfill and comply with whatever option the president wishes to take. He has seen them, we are prepared.

Several key US allies have indicated their support for a strong response.

I think they have to reestablish some degree of credibility and deterrence not only for Syria but for the broader region.

The Arab League today blamed the Syrian government for the attack - .The British Parliament has been called back for a Thursday session to vote on a response to Syria  and the Prime Minister's spokesman says British armed forces are making contingency plans.

And today, Australia's prime minister expressed grave concern over Syria.

The world cannot stand idly by in light of such a significant chemical weapons attack.

While the White House says President Obama has not yet made a decisions possible options include: launching cruise missiles from Navy destroyers or long-range bombers in a strike would that would last 2 to 3 days.

Officials say it would be a limited attack, the U.S. does not want to get involved in the Syrian civil war.

The UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria are delaying their second trip to investigate last week's alleged poison gas attack. They want to improve safety after snipers shot at their vehicles on Monday.