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Central Florida Resort collapses due to sinkhole

CENTRAL FLORIDA   --  People staying at a Central Florida hotel woke up to the sound of the foundation cracking and windows breaking in the middle of the night.
That's because a sinkhole opened up and started swallowing the building.
ABC's Karen Travers has more on the situation.

Late last night, guests at a central florida resort woke up to frightening sounds.
Glass breaking it was very loud
It sounded like a car hitting the building.

But it was actually the result of a sinkhole - and soon the three story villa at the Summer Bay Resort just west of Disney World was collapsing.

The scary situation started off quietly.
Paul Caldwell    President of Summer Bay Resort, " One of the guests came out into the street and flagged down one of our security personnel to them about a window blowing out while he was there another window blew."

But as the sinkhole began to swallow up the building, it quickly turned to chaos.
First the the lights went out.
And then the building started shaking, glass shattering.

 We thought maybe it was just kids running up and down the hall or something
Next thing I know, people are yelling, get out of the building, get out of the building.

Within seconds - a massive crack in the villa's foundation.  40 to 50 feet wide.
One person had to break out of a window because the door frame collapsed.

He and his wife and infant, he had to break the window so they could escape.

The villa has 24 units - about 20 people were staying there at the time of the collapse.
Amazingly - nobody was hurt! The resort staff were able to evacuate all the guests before the building collapsed.

Juan Barillas  VP Summer Bay Resort,  "The most important thing is that all of our guests considering the magnitude of this sinkhole are ok.

 A man was killed five months ago in Florida when a similar sinkhole swallowed his house.
Today officials said the sinkhole was growing deeper but not wider.