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Taking megadoses of multivitamins could be harmful to your health

Many people use vitamins to make up for proficiencies in their diets -
But one author warns taking them a certain way could actually be a bad thing for your health.
If you're a lousy eater, taking a multivitamin may help, but a new book warns that taking supplements in super high doses may be dangerous.

There are 20 studies that show that too much vitamins can actually shorten your life. 
Megadoses of certain vitamins may increase the risk for heart disease and cancer, says author Dr. Paul Offit.  We're talking about doses that are 5, 10, sometimes 20 times greater than the recommended daily allowance for these nutrients.

By challenging mother nature in taking these vitamins and concentrating them to these exceptionally large quantities that you would never normally eat, you've got to be careful.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association which represents the supplement industry has said there is research underscoring the benefits of multivitamins but it said in a statement... 

"Consumers should always use caution when considering 'megadoses' of any supplements, carefully research these choices, and consult a healthcare professional with questions." 

But there are other options ...
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable  which do contain antioxidants. you do appear to decrease your risk for cancer, decrease your risk for heart disease and lengthen your life. 

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