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Is hurricane formation lull making resident less prepared

LOCAL AREA   --  There have been five named storms in the Atlantic Basin this hurricane season has produced
None of them have grown to hurricane strength.
A lull in hurricane formation has made the gulf coast less prepared.

Jim Carmack/Channel 3 News
"School is back in session, Labor Day is just around the corner, as summer draws to a close the tropical season could potentially be heating up.  We're heading toward the peak of hurricane season.  But does the lack of named storms so far mean the Gulf Coast is growing complacent?"

Ryan Fowler/Pensacola
"Yeah, I think people are getting a little too comfortable, you know.  They're not expecting something."

We've seen five tropical storms in the Atlantic so far,
But storms typically increase in frequency and strength from mid-August through mid-October.  And it only takes one storm to do damage. 

Something anyone who was here in September of 2004 can tell you.
Lois Croutharmel/Lillian, AL
"After Ivan I think they're getting pretty good with it."  Do you think people still remember Ivan?  "Oh yeah.  Oh yeah, they don't forget it where we live."

One concern this season is the amount of rainfall we have received.  The ground across much of Florida is already saturated.  Any tropical activity could add to the flooding potential and do significant damage.

-showing graphics of tropical storms and hurricanes from June 1-August 1, 1950-2012,
Then August 1-September 30, 1950-2012-

The more time the storm has over warm water, the stronger the storm tends to be...
The bottom line?

"Don't get too comfortable."