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Joseph Floyd takes stand in his own defense

CRESTVIEW   --  The former Crestview police major accused of misconduct and abuse of power took the stand today in his own defense.

Joseph Floyd told the court he wanted to face his accusers.
 All day long Joseph Floyd testified doing what he'd said he was going to do face his accusers.
Jurors must find Floyd guilty of two of the eight crimes he's accused of.   Everything from battery and assault to tampering with witnesses and evidence.

Today, jurors were able to hear from Joseph Floyd himself.
He was questioned about many of the statements made last week during the prosecution's case.
Floyd sat calmly on the stand until he became emotional when asked why the Street Crimes Unit and getting drugs off the street was personal to him.

"Both my mother and father have struggled with substance abuse. I had to go get my mom out of crack houses."
He quickly gained control of his emotions and answered several questions about if he'd ever had sexual relations with any female officers.

"I've never had sex with any officer at the Crestview Police Department."
But he started to get visibly annoyed when asked about Caraly Alvarez..
Last week Alvarez told jurors after making the SWAT Team, Floyd told her they were a team, a brotherhood and would go out and "hook" up with girls.   That Alvarez needed to learn to keep her mouth shut.

Floyd painted a different picture saying Alvarez had dated many of the SWAT Team members and feared that she would only bring drama to the team.

"You go out with these guys you hang out with them and you may see some things that you don't agree with. These guys might want to go have sex with some girl.
As far as I know you may want to have sex with some girl, I don't care. But I don't think it's your place to go run to your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend and tell them he's been ******* another girl."
He also disputed Anthony Roca's testimony.   Roca claimed Floyd hit him in the head so hard with a shotgun when he was under arrest he urinated himself.
Assistant State Attorney Kimberly Torres also testified Floyd told her he hit Roca in the head.

 The defense even played video of that arrest.
"Do you recall striking him with the butt of your gun?"
"No, I can't say anything is impossible, but I didn't do that that. Would've been very hard to do."
He even shot down former Crestview officer Tim White's testimony.
White said Floyd chased him around a parking lot while tasing him..   Floyd said he never tased him but they were "Horse Playing."

"I was wrong for horse playing around."
"Did he think that you tased him?"
"I don't know what he thought. I know that sound is pretty scary when you hear the sound of it."