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Coca - Cola begins new campaign

Now to a big new campaign from Coca-Cola
They are taking the debate over artificial sweeteners head on -- with new ads promoting no-cal sweeteners as a healthy alternative to sugar
ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has more on the diet drink defense.
It's not your typical diet drink ad... No ice speckled cans of soda glistening in the sun.   No celebrities or flashy taglines...

Instead the world's number one beverage company -- Coca Cola -- this morning rolling out full page ads // touting the idea that diet drinks can help people manage their weight

The ads, cite scientific studies.... "200 over the last 40 years", the company says supporting the "safety of aspartame" the artificial sweetener used in the diet coke

John Sicher, the editor, publisher and founder of Beverage Digest - around  coke is getting out in front of this, are getting pro active , they're defending aspartame which is the biggest diet sweetener used in the US and is used in their biggest diet product //

But Coca-Cola isn't just playing defense
Coke obesity ad: Today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us: Obesity.

Earlier this year the company rolling out a two minute commercial in the wake of a national debate about serving sizes.  Childhood Obesity and public health.

Obesity: If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you'll gain weight.
But now it may the health of Coke and its competition on the line.

Sales of soda have been dropping most of the last decade.... with diet drinks falling even faster. Just last year Diet Coke down 3%.  Diet Pepsi down twice that.
For decades consumers in the US basically had one choice and that was carbonated soft drinks but in recent years, in the recent decade or two , teas have come on strongly, bottled water. Sports drinks have become very heavily marketed and  very popular

Coke hoping to remind consumers this morning... Even with all those alternatives, nothing beats the real thing.
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