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Syria latest information coming out of Washington

( ABC )  Although he's not made a final decision, President Obama is already justifying a possible military strike against Syria.

The president is saying the regime's chemical weapons pose a threat to the U.S.
Some in congress are skeptical and want the administration to provide further evidence. 

As President Obama weighs a possible attack on Syria, his administration is scheduled to brief members of congress by phone today on the situation.

It is also expected that the administration will seek to build public support for action,  releasing in the next day or so a comprehensive intelligence report from the CIA and NSA justifying military action against the Syrian regime in response to an alleged chemical attack it launched against civilians.

 The President told THE PBS NEWSHOUR he wants to send Bashar al Assad a strong - BUT MEASURED - message.

President Obama   I have no interest in any kind of open-ended conflict in Syria, but we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms//that they are held accountable.

Today, the British government said an attack on Syria is justified on humanitarian grounds. But Prime Minister David Cameron says he will wait for the UN weapons inspectors to finish their job and consulate with THE BRITISH parliament before a strike.

Prime Minister David Cameron   UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria headed out for another day of investigations. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wants the United States and
 its allies to wait for the inspectors' report before a military strike.

Ban Ki Moon     They will come out of Syria by Saturday morning and will report to me as soon as they come out of Syria.

But in the meantime, the US continues to build its forces in the region.  A fifth U.S. destroyer armed with cruise missiles has moved off Syria's coast
There are reports out of Syria that the government and ordinary citizens are bracing for a possible attack. Military installation and government building around Damascus have been evacuated.

Channel 3 News will continue to follow the developments in Syria and how the US handles the situation.

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