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Milton mayor calls for designated route for log trucks through the city

MILTON   --  The mayor of Milton is calling for a designated route to keep log trucks off the city's main roads.

That's after two accidents involving log trucks within the last few weeks.
For Mayor Guy Thompson, this issue is personal.

The latest accident involving a log truck made a huge mess right  at the intersection of Dogwood Drive and Highway 90.

In late June a truck toppled over while making a turn.
No one was seriously hurt but the wreck snarled traffic for the morning commute.

Mayor Guy Thompson, Milton: "It could have happened that somebody could've gotten killed."
Milton Mayor Guy Thompson knows all too well how dangerous the vehicles can be.

Mayor Guy Thompson, Milton: "I never knew my grandfather because he died at a very early age. He was in the logging business and a log truck killed him."
Another log truck accident took out a power pole on Magnolia Street in late July.
Mayor Guy Thompson, Milton: "It's drawn our attention to this and that we need to prescribe a certain route through town."
The mayor says he's assigned the Chief of Police and others to come up with a plan to create a safer route for log trucks with fewer sharp turns.
The mayor will ultimately bring his proposal to state and county authorities that control many of the local roads.
The city, meanwhile, does have some room to take action on its own.
Mayor Guy Thompson, Milton: "We can do no trucks through thoroughfares and post that and enforce that."
Members of the logging industry said off camera that they're worried a new route to the mill in Cantonment would likely be much longer and could cost their businesses a lot of time and money.

Lisa Serafine, Driver: "It's either you're on the road longer or you kill somebody, which is more important?"

Drivers we spoke with had mixed feelings on the mayor's plan.
Jeremy Moore, Driver: " They're just not a whole lot of routes around here. If there was some way of building another route but the way the state operates it will take forever."
Mayor Thompson says he expects to have a proposal ready for the council to consider within the next two months.