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10 year old hero says "just doing what needed to be done"

DESTIN   --  Most heroes will tell you they're not special. They just do what needs to be done.
It turns out that's the case, even when the hero is 10 years old.
The young boy rescued a drowning toddler from the bottom of a pool.

Laura Hussey "We're at the Inn at Crystal Beach in Destin. I'd like to introduce you to a real-life hero. This is Austin Beach. It's his birthday. Show us how you can dive into the pool"      
This is exactly what Austin was doing on July 18.
His family was visiting from Mississippi, and he couldn't wait to hit the pool.
But look at this security video that dark shadow is a four-year-old girl who had wandered away from her mom and fallen in.
She struggles for more than a minute, makes it to the surface and gasps for air, then sinks and becomes still.

Austin Beach/Mississippi "I went to go under and I saw her laying right there on the bottom of the pool, by the drain."   

Austin "She had green stuff coming out of her mouth. She had a dry drowning" Laura "What did you do?" Austin "I went to go save her"
Austin dives down and comes back to the surface with the girl in his arms.
Getting her up from the bottom was in his words easy-peasy.

Austin Beach "It comes like right here on me and I'm just like (holds breath) walking through the water and when it comes up here I (sighs)"   

Kelly Beach/Austin's mom "All my babies are precious, but Austin, he's got a heart that's very rare to find"

Austin's mom says helping people is second nature to him.
Friday, the Okaloosa Sheriff's office honored him for heroism.
The little girl was hospitalized after the accident; now, she's doing fine.
Austin "Guess what else she knows my name!"   
Austin says someday, he'd like to see her again.
Laura Hussey "The Inn at Crystal Beach gave the family a complimentary three-night stay. Austin's mom says scheduling it on his birthday just seemed like the right thing to do."