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YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you think it's right to require someone to purchase an ID in order to vote?

Voting is a right in this country.
A free right.
Charging people a fee before they vote... a "poll tax"...  was ruled illegal a long time ago.
But what if you require a voter to have something... like an ID.... before they vote?
And it costs a few bucks to get that ID?
Is that essentially a poll tax?
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it is.... and he's not alone.
That is the heart of a lawsuit the federal government has just filed against the State of Texas and its voting laws.
The U.S. government also claims that Texas adopted a voter identification law with the purpose of denying or restricting the right to vote on account of race, color or membership in a language minority group.
A federal court last year blocked the Texas' voter ID law, saying the measure would have an adverse impact on racial minorities.
The Texas law requires government-issued photo identification before voting.
The three-judge panel, comprised of two republicans and a democrat, wrote... "simply put, many Hispanics and African-Americans who voted in the last election will, because of the burdens imposed by S.B. 14, likely be unable to vote in the next election
According to Texas numbers,  between 4% and 6% of all registered voters in the state-lack the required form of ID.
And in Texas, as in other states, such voters are disproportionately likely to be black or Hispanic, studies have shown.
Holder says the lawsuit marks another step in the effort to protect voting rights of all eligible Americans.
Do you think it's right to require someone to purchase an ID in order to vote?  Tell us what you think.  You can go to Facebook from right here to vote.