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TSA comments on report of serious misconduct by Airport Security Screeners

Now to a scathing report about serious misconduct by airport security screeners
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are holding hearings today about concerns many agents are breaking the rules, compromising security and even sleeping on the job! ¤W0 81 ]] C2.5 G 0 [[

A new report by the Government Accountability Office found almost two thousand cases of TSA screeners who were sleeping on the job, not following procedures, and even letting family members by-pass security.
There were also cases of agents stealing from passengers.
There are 56,000 screeners at the nation's airports, and most are doing their jobs but lawmakers say the few bad apples are ruining the bunch.

I get worried about this because in the history of air terrorism
Employee security has been the one gap that has been the hardest gap to cover.

TSA says it holds its workers to "the highest ethical standards" and has " zero tolerance for misconduct".