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Pentagon considers cutting Imminent Danger Pay for military

WASHINGTON   --  American troops serving in international hotspots could see their pay cut by as much as 225 dollars a month.

The Pentagon is considering a proposal to cut "Imminent Danger Pay" in more than a dozen countries.

Laura Hussey "Right now troops serving in 24 countries and 5 international waterways receive Imminent Danger Pay. The Pentagon proposal could trim as many as 18 nations from that list."
These soldiers are doing a training exercise in Kuwait right next to Iraq, and a stone's throw from Iran.
It's one of the places where troops might no longer receive danger pay.
Summer Posey "It's probably a little more dangerous over there than it is here, of course. I'm sure they don't have as good of security as we do either"
The Crestview Farmer's Market is half a world away.
People here say the difference between selecting produce and sleeping with one eye open is worth the extra money.

Becky Andrews "That's the least we can do as a country. Supposed to be the strongest nation on earth."
No final decisions have been made, but the list of countries where defense leaders could eliminate danger pay includes Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Haiti and several former Soviet Republics.
The plan would save 120 million dollars a year.
Summer "I understand the government has their deficits and things, but I think they can find other ways to cut back on maybe pay from some government officials or something"
Danger pay would still apply in Afghanistan, Iraq and several other Middle Eastern countries.

There would be no change to Hostile Fire Pay.
The cuts in danger pay could affect up to 65,000 service members.

Roger Babson "I don't think they should cut it myself. I would suggest standing in front of the soldier and then making the decisions on whether or not he wants to cut the danger pay"

Laura Hussey "The Pentagon already trimmed danger pay last year. Instead of paying out the flat monthly amount no matter what, they prorate it day by day. "