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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Crestview Police bust active meth lab

CRESTVIEW   --Three people are under arrest after police busted a meth lab in Crestview.
Rickey Booker, Tracy Ross, and Serena Jordan all face drug charges.
Booker and Ross were also charged with child abuse.
Laura Hussey "South Pearl is a residential street just a block off of Highway 85, the main drag through Crestview. Police came to this house, along with a SWAT unit, to serve a warrant in the middle of the night"      
By the time it was light enough to see, drug task force members in hazmat suits were taking apart a meth lab full of dangerous chemicals.

Debra Blonski/Neighbor "I bought a hot tub from the lady and I didn't even know that anything like that was going on"

Dustin Hamm/Neighbor "All these people with the drugs, and it's not even safe anymore out here on the streets for kids"
Debra Blonski has family living next door to the house that was busted.
Debra "They have a three-year-old little girl, and that is just disturbing. What if something was to, you hear these stories about blowing up, OK? My grandbaby?"
Police say one of the suspects, Tracy Ross, had her pre-school age daughter living in the house.   

Helen Ziglar/Neighbor "The baby. I knew they had a baby. That was my biggest concern"
The child is now with relatives and the Department of Children and Families is investigating.
Dustin Hamm says he's seen meth completely change people's personalities.
"It seems like once you do it, it just takes ahold of your life, you know, and it's terrible"

Debra "Why do people want to do and make that? I mean, it's crazy"
Laura Hussey "Because the meth-making chemicals are so toxic and this is standard procedure the suspects were taken out to the street and washed down before they were taken to booking."